Black Pus and Oozing Wound to release a summer split LP

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black pus

Black Pus and Oozing Wound are poised to release a limited edition vinyl-only split LP on Thrill Jockey. The collaboration sparked up a year ago, when Oozing Wound opened for Black Pus in Chicago. The split release is intended as a tour record, showing new sides to Black Pus, such as clean, distortion-free vocals, as well as a taste of what we can expect from Oozing Wound's forthcoming album.

A track called “Blood Will Run” opens the Black Pus side and promises to deliver as-yet-unheard range to Brian Chippendale's vocals. Another, “Total Eclipse,” runs for 14 thrillingly noise-filled minutes. Oozing Wound contribute three studio tracks, including riff monsters “Ganja Gremlin,” and “Aging Punk,” and the sludgy “All Things Must Pass Out.”

The street date for the LP is June 17, via Thrill Jockey, with pre-orders going on now.