Chrome Sparks wants to have lunch with you

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chrome sparks

If you ever wanted to chow down with Jeremy Malvin, the man behind Chrome Sparks, here’s your chance.

For the entirety of 2014, he’s going to have lunch with a new person every single day. The idea came about in the final days of 2013. After a string of interesting lunch dates he just thought, “I don’t want this to stop.” So it hasn’t. Instead, it started a year-long mission. And a blog.

The rules are simple: one new person must be present at his midday meal every day. On New Years’ Eve, he’ll throw a catered banger for all the year's lunch mates plus his 365th lunch date of honor. The whole point is to force himself out of the social isolation he found himself in, often working alone in the studio or with a select few on tour. The first few months have been at home in NYC where a 45-minute subway ride can transport you to a different universe and just about every person has a story to tell. So far he’s dined with old friends, family members, a grilled cheese connoisseur and musical notables such as Ghost Beach, Hot Sugar, and Fielded.

About to set off on a national tour in April, he’s getting kind of antsy about the places he doesn’t know anyone (shout out El Paso). Check the link below. If he’s passing through your town next month, hit him up on your social medium of choice. He said, if it comes to it, he’s dedicated enough to even take to Tinder but I bet he won’t have to.

Check him out on tour and watch for his new EP, coming out in April