Cymbals Eat Guitars rally to release Lenses Alien

Diana Burmistrovich

Two years and no breaks after their debut, Cymbals Eat Guitars announce Lenses Aliens, out September 14 on Barsuk Records. With more focus on refined production, a defined clarity of purpose, and the help of producer John Agnello, Lenses Alien promises to be a balance between new and old – a record crafted as a “singular, powerful unit” honing in on their distinctive marriage of pop forms and experimental undertones.

The balance between new and old is a common theme within the band: joining singer/songwriter/guitarist Joseph D’Agostino and drummer Matt Miller are Matthew Whipple on bass and Brian Hamilton on keys, offering a solidified line-up that re-contextualizes the style that hyped the band after 2009's Why There Are Mountains. After touring the US and Europe with the likes of the Flaming Lips, Los Campesinos!, the Thermals, and the Hold Steady, Cymbals Eat Guitars rallied as a family to suburbia, allowing them to handcraft a sonic presentation of their growth together as a band.
01. Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)
02. Shore Points
03. Keep Me Waiting
04. Plainclothes
05. Definite Darkness
06. Another Tunguska
07. The Current
08. Wavelengths
09. Secret Family
10. Gary Condit

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