Dan Friel, “Ulysses”

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Dan Friel, Total Folklore

A crazy person is beside me, telling me they own the internet, shot fashion photos of Cindy Crawford in the '90s, saved more than 600 lives during Vietnam, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in '67. In honor of heroic crazy-talk, the following announcements are written in the same meter (dactylic hexameter, to be precise) as Homer’s, Odyssey:

Twiddle, Dan Friel, the release of “Ulysses,” on the upcoming LP.

<strong>Bellowing in, like a wildcat, Total Folklore, comes Feb. 19.

Crunch beats for commuter feet, and much recorded on a phone.

Thrift store pedals will win iPod medals, from captive beat fiends.

Stream “Ulysses” below, and look out for the new LP on Thrill Jockey.