David Grohl Alley in Warren, OH

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Surprising as it is that David Grohl was not born and raised in Seattle, Washington, somehow it's suitable that he's from the rustbelt of Ohio, just outside of destination city Youngstown.

Grohl was born in 1969 at Trumball Memorial Hospital. His parents are still residents of Warren. Market Street Alley now bears his name. We're guessing it's a prominent road in Warren, if anything, we're going with, “One way streets are hardcore!” He is also the proud owner of a key to the city, which will probably get him into an Elk's club at best.

Grohl is not the only Warren resident raised for greatness. He is in good company with Neil Armstrong, Roger Ailes president of Fox News Channel, Catherine Bach the original Daisy Duke, Rex Lee or Lloyd from Entourage and porn Hall of Famer David Duty. We're leaving off several musicians, NFL football players and another astronaut from that list. Warren is no joke!