Death Grips post five mysterious 1-minute videos to YouTube

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In a bizarre, unexplained move, the powerful rage-rap team of Zach Hill and MC Ride, who are better known as Death Grips, have posted five one-minute clips to YouTube that play automatically in succession. The videos start with a logo of two hands, then they stream a short clip of what looks like homemade footage, and they all end with the hands and a logo that reads “DXDG.” In one of the clips, Zach Hill has what appears to be a GoPro camera on his head while he drums, creating our favorite use of that kind of camera so far. Take note, other stupid-good drummers.

You can watch the videos here, and make sure to stick it out till the 5th one. What is Death Grips trying to tell us? Let's collectively try to solve the #deathgripsmystery.