DIIV wants YOU (yes, you!) to send them your artwork

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DIIV record cover contest

Today via Facebook, Brooklyn's DIIV made a post calling out to fans requesting submissions of their own takes on the artwork for last year's debut album Oshin. The post states:

“Visual artists! Or non-visual artists! Or non-artists! We'd love to see yr creative re-imagining of our debut album artwork for potential use in the booklet of a future release, send any submissions to divebk@gmail.com – rly excited to see what we'll come up with… xo.”

This populist move should definitely present a rash of interesting items. The original piece is a tad bit on the morbid side and adheres to the universal fail-safe of putting a bird on it. Now if only DIIV came from an area that was oversaturrated with out-of-work artists with nothing better to do than re-work a buzzband's album cover…