Fugazi announce release date and tracklist for First Demo

Jake Saunders

On November 28 Dischord Records will release the first demo ever recorded by Fugazi in 1988. Before Guy Picciotto was a full time member, the band went in to record for the first time at Inner Ear Studios in Washington D.C. after playing only 10 shows. As the band evolved and began to take shape, the EP was eventually scrapped, and they never officially released the recordings before their self title debut was released in that same year… until now. Dischord has just announced a pressing of the demo sessions after 26 years of lying dormant. This event coincides with the complete Fugazi live series, which has recordings of basically every single Fugazi set to date.

In an interview conducted shortly after the session, Ian Mackaye expressed opinions when asked about the band’s “political views.” :

I don’t see us as a leftist band or a band against Apartheid. Of course we’re against apartheid, but that’s not the band. It’s a function, but not the sole function. The function is protest with a musical force. The function is to make move and hopefully get them up and protest is a big part of that. The band is just a big soundtrack to that, and hopefully an energizer. That’s what the band is about.



01) Waiting Room
02) Merchandise
03) Furniture
04) Song #1
05) The Word
06) Bad Mouth
07) Break-In
08) Turn Off Your Guns
09) And the Same
10) In Defense of Humans
11) Joe #1

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