Famous Class drops Tony Castles + Snakes Say Hiss singles

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Snakes Say Hiss, "Right Behind You" 7-inch

It was a good week for the Brooklyn label stalwart Famous Class, who dropped two 7-inches this week.

Snakes Say Hiss continue their reign over all that's electro-pop surface and shine, and if you've been to a show of theirs in Brooklyn, you might better understand their devotion to such a scrubbed-down regiment: a lot of cute girls fucking love this band. Also, if ever you're in remedial Party Band class, this is what they'll be blasting on your first exam:

Snakes Say Hiss, “Comes and Goes”

Tony Castles' new single combines the sublime (what smooth tone on that bass, sir) with the low (letting that guitar go into the red, we see). This slow burner sounds like it comes straight from the gut and the dreamy mid-song breakdown suggests the overall range of hypnosis T.Castles have perfected over their growing discography.

Tony Castles, “Juice”