Fatal Jamz, Vol. I

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Fatal Jamz

Southern California often births music that, like the region, is bittersweet. Gritty sand and sunny weather do little to buffer the torpor and boredom that gnaws at the heart of anyone who has ever called the Golden State a home. Fatal Jamz has orchestrated a pristine soundtrack to couple with this blissful despair.

Fatal Jamz Vol. I is the brainchild of Marion Belle (of Bowery Beasts) and Dan Horne (of Beachwood Sparks & The Lilys). Busting at the seams with lusty drum beats, rich keys, and haunting melodies, Vol. 1 is a potent record of first-rate hesher-glam pop. Marion's vocals are vigorous and consuming, and the guitars are sweet and hollow. Alongside the album release, Fatal Jamz put out an official album trailer via youtube. “Love is Fatal” is a short clip featuring a fraudulent dorsal fin and an L.A. femme fatale. Fatal Jamz Vol. I is now available through Burger Records and Gnar Tapes.

Fatal Jamz EP

“Love is Fatal”