Fiasco's Last Last Last Last Show (We Promise)

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When we told you the sad news of Fiasco's iminent demise, we also told you to look out for a last show coming soon. Well, we took it upon ourselves to help make that show a most excellent experience, a night to remember, a last dance, a kiss at the front door, and a late night knock on the bedroom window all in one. Look at this crazy line up for proof: in addition to our darling boys Fiasco, who, rumour has it, will be playing the entirety of their Native Canadians LP, this line up has Dope Body, No One and the Somebodies, the band formerly known as Starscream but now known as Infinity Shred (fun new name!), Butter the Children, and Cave Cricket.

If you need to study up real quick and learn the words to Native Canadians, you can buy it here. Wish the boys a happy farewell with us and everyone else – it's all going down August 24 at Shea Stadium. Here's the video for the track “Oh, You Horny Monster!”