Fungi Girls/Indian Wars split 7-inch

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Teenage trio Fungi Girls from Cleburne, Texas latest release might be their best song yet.

The A-side on the split 7″ with Indian Wars is “Sun Blues” a melodic, fuzzed out lo-fi pop song that ends with a bitchin' shrilling guitar solo that will make your asshole pucker up when you hear it. The B-side is a rollicking, rolling, and raucous track from Vancouver rockers Indian Wars. Sorry, I might have gotten a little carried away with the alliteration there, deep down it's a fuzzy country song. The 7″ version of the A-side can be heard here while we could only find the B-side, “Pick You Up,” streaming. The 7″ is put out by Psychic Lunch Records and is limited to 300. It's available