Our very own Gonzo Chicago brings his new project to the world

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After lovingly covering the Chicago underground music scene for ten years, John Yingling, a videographer operating under the name Gonzo Chicago, took his video project to an even smaller community in Missoula, Montana. He discovered that no matter how small a city is, there will always be a burgeoning music community right below the surface. After covering Montana, Yingling aims to take his project on the road to film communities in China and then, elsewhere and beyond. He'll be making hour-long episodes that focus on underground music scenes, which you can purchase for a $5 donation at the project's close.

As is the case in all worthy artistic ventures, a little money can make a difference. Gonzo Chicago has an Indiegogo campaign set up that will help this project come to fruition, and the trailer for the project (with more information and awesome footage) is below. Check out Gonzo Chicago's column on Impose here, and then read up on his crowdsourcing campaign here.