Heaven's Gate, “Pogo”

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With sounds as familiar as the presence of the moon, yet as mysterious and hard to define, “Pogo” comes to us as preview of the upcoming High Riser EP from Brooklyn band, Heaven’s Gate, out October 30 on Fire Talk. The track is a little bit Chuck Berry riffs and a little bit Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrapped into a neat two minute and thirty second package. Resembling Siouxsie Sioux in attitudinal sneer more so than in vocal quality, Jess Paps commands with velvet vocal tones that land into the satiny smooth and flawless Lethe.

The six additional tracks of the EP clock in at less than two minutes each and will have your autumn waxing garage pop and waning shoegaze, all before the harvest moon is even over…though reports confirm that the big red moon happened some time last month. Ah, well. Stream “Pogo” below.