Hunger Games Rescheduled for a Later Date

Meredith Schneider

In what appears to be an attempt to bring musicians from the turn of the century back to the forefront of pop culture and into the eyes and ears of budding music-centric millennials, Fyre Festival has completely missed the mark. Wrangled together by none other than Ja Rule and marketed exclusively by young, attractive Instagram influencers, the “luxury festival” may have had all the best intentions, but it seems those who who took the time to travel to the Bahamas to celebrate – at a reportedly whopping $12k+ each – are basically trapped. Photos of “gourmet meals” that look more like a sack lunch at a high school picnic, reports of stolen items and tents on fire, people being taken from their accommodations, and bands canceling appearances left and right have flooded the internet, and we’re stuck to our screens like glue. Not only is it a concern of safety – seems to be more of a recreation of the Hunger Games at this point – but also a question of whether anyone realized it was a scam before it even happened. (These guys claim to have known all along.)

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Whether the S.O.S. tweets are exaggerations by overprivileged attendees is still to be seen, but we’ve been following the action since the middle of the night (#fyrefestival) and the coverage is just that… on fire.

As of right now, the festival has been postponed. Attendees are currently waiting for “rescue” flights, and all inbound festival-going flights have been called off.

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