Kosha Dillz Offers Post-Tour Tips For Artists

Post Author: Andre G

New Jersey-born, world-traveling MC Kosha Dillz does up to 160 shows a year. Making a name in the underground hip-hop scene for over a decade with his deft lyricism and impressive freestyle ability, he’s gotten opportunities to play at festivals all over the world.
His performances aren’t just limited to big stages however. Dillz makes no bones about providing his hip-hop variety act at schools, Bar Mitzvahs and even summer camps. His tremendous work ethic has won him fans and international acclaim, but it’s not all rosy for the 35-year-old MC. Seeing the world is no doubt a fulfilling experience, but as he’s recently noted, when you’re not living that road life you can go through what amounts to tour withdrawal.
Currently on a tour of Israel and filming a documentary that he says will “ideally” be released by the end of summer, Dillz decided to take time to offer fellow artists advice on quelling post-tour depression. The 10-point list covers everything from familial relations to preserving your craft. Hopefully he heeds his own advice and is in good shape after his current expedition, because this Fall he’s embarking on a 50+ date US tour where he plans to “rap ’till his face falls off. Then start singing.”
You can take a listen to his latest album, What I Do All Day & Pickle here. Below are his tips:


1. I join an exercise group – I did this because I didn’t have enough discipline to do it all myself. Forces myself to get up and be accountable. I am part of @cobrafitnessclub . It is like 10 percent Instagram and 100 percent fitness. 100 percent altogether.
2.I started focusing on the work and not the money — basic actions involved in my work (which is rap ) make me earn more in the long run. Gotta go do the work even though you can’t cash checks everyday.
3. I started booking studio sessions – I didn’t know what songs I wanted to write, but I wrote them and I am writing the best music of my life now (DING DING)
4. Filling up my schedule. — I think it is necessary to fill up your schedule. I not only am writing new projects but booking meetings with anyone and anyhow that is progressive, from the cleaning lady to my booking agent. Similar to #2. Sometimes you got make it happen and fill the day so you don’t fall apart.
5.Gratitude bio — Reminding myself that I played Coachella, curate my own official showcase at SXSW and drove 11,000 miles around America changing lives with my music, sounds better than not having fully packed out shows and getting my car broken into and wasting time and money. Everything is perspective
6. Limit your computer internet activity to 90 min to 120 min tops. You can just realize it when things aren’t getting done. It probably isn’t. Stick to being creative.
7. Do the basics of life – Brush your teeth. Make your bed. Put on clean socks and underwear.
Get your meds. Check your mail. Pay your phone bill. Internet bill. Health Insurance.
8. Pen to the Pad Time . If the computer isn’t working and the food isn’t working and exercise and all that, get your pen to a pad. It’s a great time to write after all that experience.
9. Exercise again – Yeah I never ever wrote that in twice but chances are you were not working out for a while. It means you need to get back your real life schedule so you can look good while your agent is booking your next plan of attack 3 months from now.
10. Call your friends and family Call people. You have lost touch with them. The people who don’t judge you for anything don’t care about how many Instagram followers you have.