Seattle police to re-examine Kurt Cobain's death

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kurt cobain dead

Almost 20 years after his death, Seattle police have found new reason to look into the apparent suicide of Kurt Cobain. According to KIRO 7, the Seattle PD recently developed four rolls of film that had been sitting for years in a police evidence vault. The 35mm film was processed by the King County Sheriff's Office photo lab under high security. The photos, though slightly tinted because of age and deterioration, are said to show a clearer view of the crime scene than the polaroids originally taken by investigators.

But wait, there's more!

KIRO 7 is going to EXCLUSIVELY show one of the previously un-developed photos on their 11pm broadcast, leading many to speculate the gravity of the “re-examination.”

As the Seattle Times reported, “There were no new findings and the case is not being re-opened, contrary to some media reports… The detective dug up the files and had another look, and there was nothing new.” Calling the photos, “underwhelming.”

But hey, tune in live at 11!