Lee Bannon looks back in time with 30-track retrospective comp

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Lee Bannon Reflections 2012-2016

Before he was Dedekind Cut, the enigmatic producer was known simply as Lee Bannon, and anyone with a passing knowledge of his output knows it was expansive. So much so that what is unreleased far out-numbers what has been released. Reflections 2012-2016 is Bannon’s attempt to make up for “lost” time.

The time was not lost of course, he was busy recording tracks upon tracks; sometimes for records, sometimes for friends, or sometimes—one can only assume—because it’s what prolific producers do. Reflections 2012-2016 is a digital compilation that delivers just what its title suggests, and will also be released on cassette via 1080p on June 1 (we’re excited to see the CS packaging for a 30-track compilation). The dump of old Bannon material comes shortly after word he will be releasing his debut as Dedekind Cut on Prurient’s Hospital Records later this year.

You can listen to Reflections 2012-2016 in full below.