Clams Casino announces debut album; releases “Blast”

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Clams Casino

As Clams Casino’s early collaborators A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller have vaulted into mainstream success, the New Jersey producer, a godfather of cloud rap, has been relatively quiet. Many of the artists he came up with are on their second go-rounds album wise, enjoying their status as entrenched mainstays of modern hip hop.

Now, seemingly ready to stake his own claim, Clams Casino announced his debut album 32 Levels last Friday with the release of “Blast”, the first single from the upcoming project. The whited-out psychedelics of “Blast”‘s video (directed by Strangeloop) perfectly accompanies the cavernous track. As a hypnotic female vocal is treated to characteristically voluminous reverb by Clams, a lone being is in the middle of the screen, floating about the atmosphere.

The dark figure rises above the clouds, a mountain range, and a sculpture of a Hindu deity. All the while, sharp 808s pierce through the murky sonics akin to the being’s ascent through the sky. Together, the track and video resembles the compounding of a sugar high and the paralytic euphoria of a weed brownie.

32 Levels is available July 15 on Columbia. You can watch the video for “Blast” below.