Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes is engaged to Sara Gilbert from Roseanne

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With the restraint of a lion on bath salts in a cage, I will make sure to not use cheap jokes referencing this song as a way to frame the story of Linda Perry proposing to Sara Gilbert. I will say, however, that in a happy announcement from the couple, and while sharing their engagement story, we've learned three important things.

The first is that the 90s is no longer just a time period, but a physical space where people from the 90s hang out without us knowing it. Like the cave of the Foot Clan in TMNT.
The second is that Linda Perry, infamous feminist and defender of all things matriarchal, has been writing songs for Pink and Christina Aguilera. (What?)
The third and obviously most important is that Sara Gilbert was the boyhood crush of Impose's founder, Derek Evers, and this is a fact that we aren't quite sure what to do with. What does that say about him? Is everything we stand on crumbling beneath us?

Congrats to the happy couple. The best part of their engagement story involved Linda Perry putting on several different t-shirts. Here's to your union and here's to t-shirts.