Listen to Busdriver’s FR/BLCK/PR Radio podcast

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If you’ve ever wondered about the source material of Busdriver’s songwriting or demanded further citation on his musings, we suggest his latest venture the FR/BLCK/PR Radio podcast. FR/BLCK/PR Radio is Busdriver finding a voice somewhere in the intersection of Howard Zinn, James Baldwin, and the Hardcore History podcast condensed into 15 to 18 minute episodes. Much of episode one aligns with Zinn’s chapter “Drawing The Color Line” in A People’s History of the United States. Inspiration for songs from his widely-praised (we’d be remiss not to mention its inclusion on the Best Mixtapes of 2015 list) Thumbs mixtape is directly tied to the topics discussed on the most recent episode entitled “No Space”.

The podcast currently lives on his Soundcloud and is best enjoyed on headphones due to its psychedelic and jazzy production that warps sound bytes through Busdriver’s narrative of thought. Strictly for the woke ones, the “No Space” episode is multitudinous in its interpretation of the word “space”, but ultimately arrives at an inalienable context. He closes: “Our world arrives at what it is now by design, and that there is a history to power and how power adapts to dissent, to protest, to revolution. There’s a way that power adapts and there’s a continual threat of injustice that links to the inception of our country to now. We must be aware of it.”