It's not shocking that Lovestreams', “Shock Corridor” is great

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Many of us have been Okkervil River fans for quite sometime, and for good reason. We are thrilled to find out that Will Sheff just released a sweltering new track from his side project, Lovestreams. Recorded by Will Sheff at Crysal Snifter in Brooklyn and mixed by Phil Palazzolo at the Honeyjar (also in Brooklyn), “Shock Corridor” encompasses many of the elements trademark to Okkervil River, but is supplemented with plenty of fresh textures.

Will Sheff is breathtakingly awesome (literally) at cramming a lot of lyrics into a compact meter, and the unique timbre of his voice brings back the nostalgia many feel for Okkervil River. The whirling drum machine drives the track forward and the weaving electronic tones, many of which are quite remarkable, make for an impressive track that is both jarring and gratifying.