M83 reaches peak Stephen Dorff

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Actor Stephen Dorff helped introduce blu electronic cigarettes vapes to the American public, and now M83 is hoping to do the same in Italy and France. The company has unveiled a new campaign geared towards the average vaper called “Just You & blu”, focusing on people who are “not celebrities, they are not famous; they are just interesting people, each with their own story, and each with their own connection to the blu brand.” Or so says John Wardley, Chief Marketing Officer for Fontem Ventures, blu’s parent company. Try telling that to the motorcyclist, comedian, drag queen, model, and pilot who are featured in the spot. If they could only be as famous as Stephen Dorff (or Jenny McCarthy).

The new commercial premiered in the US and UK, as well as Italy and France, which are new territories for the company. A mighty tall task when you consider how much tobacco those two countries imbibe. To help sooth the venture into these foreign lands, blu has enlisted the vaping tones of “Outro” by M83—a band of Frenchmen themselves. Cecil B. Demented be damned.

Oh, M83 also released “Go!” yesterday, a new track from from their upcoming seventh studio album, Junk, featuring guitarist Steve Vai. Junk will be released April 8 on Mute.