There’s a Kickstarter for “Meow The Jewels”

Blake Gillespie

El-P and Killer Mike, together known as Run The Jewels, got creative with the packaging options for their sophomore album, RTJ2. In addition to deluxe packages, 4xLP super vinyls, and test pressings, the duo listed several outrageously priced options that include the “Housesitters Deluxe” (RTJ hang out at your house for a weekend and expect your mom to make meals), the “Fuck Boy Revenge Package” (RTJ fly to your city and enact revenge on a person of your choosing), and the “We Are Gordon Ramsey Package” (RTJ enter a restaurant of your choosing and change the menu without permission), to name a few. While the purchase option is legit, the notion that anyone would pay for any of these packages was presumed to be too egregious to be taken seriously—or so El-P and Mike thought.

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Well, someone from Phoenix, AZ decided to challenge Run The Jewels on their “Meow The Jewels” option by creating a Kickstarter. If the 40K goal is met, and it’s already at over 5K, El-P will have to remix RTJ2 entirely with cat sounds. Even better, he’s relinquished the profits of Meow The Jewels to the purchaser of the package, by stating: You are free to profit from this album in any way you see fit up to 1ooK in net global profit or 3 years (whichever comes first).

The creator of the Kickstarter has vowed to put those potential profits to good use, donating a large portion to the family’s who’ve lost loved ones to police brutality and a smaller portion towards neglected animals. As for Run The Jewels, Killer Mike published the following tweet on what he plans to do with his Meow The Jewels money:

In related news, the actual RTJ2 album is selling out at a rapid pace, get your copy here.

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