Multimedia Artist Kiesh Releases 'The Hair Aisle'

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn-based, London born artist and media ingenue Kiesh has released The Hair Aisle, a coloring zine that celebrates the hair of women of color. The ingenious creation, which dropped today, is a release from NO MAYO, Kiesh’s “experiental” art brand. With The Hair Aisle, Kiesh looked to highlight the variant hair journeys that women of color have—particularly those raised by white mothers.

Women of color are frequently relegated to just a section of the average beauty store’s hair aisle, which can serve as an insidious reminder of being in a society that doesn’t prioritize their needs or tastes. The zine features eight women who have dealt with such issues, and illustrations of numerous hair products done by Kiesh. The women were all photographed by Naima Green.
The Hair Aisle is a preface to White Mom Black Dad, a photo illustration project also created by Kiesh. You can order The Hair Aisle here.