Nate Dogg dead at 41

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nate dogg

The iconic voice that was responsible for hundreds of popular rap choruses in the '90s and early Aughts departed today. Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel D. Hale, suffered two strokes, one in 2007 and another in 2008. Further news broke of his health complications when Warren G tweeted “For those that dont know awhile back nate had 2 strokes he is in therapy thanks again for your support” on Sunday.

It is confirmed that Nate Dogg is dead at the age of 41. Were it not for Nate Dogg, literally hundreds of rappers may never have had hit singles – just look at this list of guest appearances. His baritone croon delivered hits like “Area Codes,” “Ain't No Fun,” “Regulate” and “The Next Episode.”

We take comfort that there's a heaven for a gangster and Nate Dogg is rolling up to the pearly gates with a car full of girls and it's going real swell, stopping only to ask St. Peter for directions to Heaven's East Side Motel.