Obsolete Units defies name with flurry of units

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Brooklyn-based experimental noise label Obsolete Units has no shortage of new material available this fall, with limited-press tapes from the likes of York Factory Complaint, Mike Shiflet, and upstate New York’s Rambutan.

Rambutan’s new cassette, Surrounded, is an experimental take on psychedelic sounds explored in a huge, yet, patient and slow-brewed manner. Despite the full-bodied grandeur, Rambutan thrives on sonic detail and subtle motions as a driving force. Mike Shiflet’s “Forgotten Somewhere” finds balance between sharp, rumbling sustained sound and soft melodic oscillation. You can listen to both below.

Meanwhile, as if not busy enough, Obsolete Units’ owner Paul Haney and his industrial project with Ceci Moss, Medved, has also released a new video for the bands track “Early” with visuals from artist Yoshi Sedeoka that are as strikingly bombastic and hypnotic as the ten-minute track itself. The video is below and you can pick up Medved's “Archives” at their bandcamp and all of these not-so-Obsolete Units on the OU website.

Rambutan, “Perimeter” (Excerpt):

Mike Shiflet, “Forgotten Somewhere” (excerpt)

Medved, “Early” video