Prince Sunarawma, “Irene”

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Normally, we would say that nothing good could possibly come out of being trapped in a Bed Stuy apartment during a hurricane. Prince Rama and Sun Araw are out to prove us wrong.

“Irene” the new song by the collaborative project known appropriately as Prince Sunarawma, was recorded during the supremely underwhelming Hurricane Irene in Summer 2011. This live recording runs close to 20 minutes with the faint sound of wind in the background, supplied by the tropical storm outside, as a perfect compliment to the band's swirling instruments. Essentially the dream team of psychedelia, both Sun Araw and Prince Rama add their own sound to the track, and the result makes me think that these artists should get caught in a storm more often.

The limited edition “Irene” 12″ LP will be available on September 10 on Atelier Ciseaux.