Newish: Starkey brings wrestling dinosaurs to the dance floor

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Starkey 45

Okay, so imagine that a bass line is a brontosaurus, and a synth line is a tyranosaurus, and they're kicking, biting, and writhing in one barely distinguishable scaly mass, fighting to the death. Maybe in Jamaica, given the dub/dancehall stabs happening in the vicinity. This is basically what seems to be happening in the ridiculous piece of sinuous dubstep innovation turning up as the latest Starkey b-side.

Starkey, “Creature”

The A-side here is a new Jamie Vexd remix of “Miracles”, a chopped R&B highlight of the debut Starkey 12″ that dropped last November, keeping the vocals but rewiring the chord scheme and breaks, but it's the flipside that really pushes the genre. Both album and single are out on UK dubstep/IDM powerhouse Planet-Mu, but Starkey is actually something of a rarity: an American dubstep producer, hailing from Philadelphia.

Grab a copy, digital or 12″, at Bleep.