Newish: Venetian Snares wants to make you make Horsey Noises

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Venetian Snares album cover

After the heavy acid sludge of the fittingly named first Venetian Snares LP of 2009, Filth, it sounds like Aaron Funk has taken a somewhat lighter touch for his Horsey Noises 12″, which just dropped last week. Many of the same spongy, detuned 303 effects pop up again on the title track, but here kept as a cleaner backdrop for rhythms that run at more “jaunty canter” than “neckbreaking torrent”. There's also Aaron's own singing voice, which I don't believe we've heard in such pristine form since he was covering the Misfits way back on 2003's Winter in the Belly of a Snake. The rest of the 12″ consists of three more similarly absurd slabs of acid jungle. A remix of the title track lays the same vocal hook over, at turns, off-time electro and heavier amen workouts, while the others fill in all the skewed synths and sampled pig snorts a record could need. Generally not the craziest Snares drumming we've heard, more like V Snares remixing his own House side project Last Step, but if so, this would be probably the finest Last Step-style work to date.

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