Oneohtrix Point Never's Torch Song to Nowhere

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Oneohtrix Point Never's Replica

The song opens with a tender piano. We are standing on a short bridge over a small creek. Everything seems coated with Vaseline. At first you think, “Oh, foggy romance, slick production” but soon you see that everything is not what it seems. The bridge is made of wood, or is it made of rebar? It switches back and forth, quickly, so maybe you don't notice. The piano line continues, but now we are joined by another distant theme, about 40 seconds in. This theme is conducting itself strangely. It's dancing smoothly in the distance, to the south-east of your viewpoint. Another melody joins in, this one twitchy and spooky and more electric. You see a box, and stare at the box. What's in the box? WHAM. The track ends.

This is the title track of Oneohtrix Point Never's new record, Replica, coming out on Mexican Summer on November 8th. This cliffhanger of a teaser track is so “Who Killed Laura Palmer” that I'm literally drooling in anticipation.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica by Mexican Summer