Our one degree of separation from the new Slumberland comps

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Back before Obama made it cool, Impose was all about professing socialism and pissing off old rich people because we desired the ability to afford health insurance (I'm sad to say we never held a town meeting though; what I would give to smack a screaming Republican). One of our comrades at the time, who worked tirelessly for far-too-little compensation, was designer Naomi Donabedian (her work can be seen in our logo, among other things Impose). Fast forward to her new and improved days as a capitalist, and we can see her art on the cover of the two new Slumberland Searching For The Now comps.

Aside from trying to pump Naomi's ego, I also want to mention that volume five and six of the running singles series keeps the quality high and the fidelity low with hits from Sweden and the U.K.

Volume 5 features the all-Gothenburg pairing of Liechtenstein and The Faintest Ideas, while 6 goes all-U.K. with Welsh pop mavens The School and George Washington Brown (the latest project from Kenickie's Johnny X). Among the four tracks you can preview below are an exclusive Liechtenstein song and The School's smashing cover of the late Left Banke tune “And Suddenly.”

We highly suggest buying them both on super cool swirly cream vinyl here and here.</p>

Liechtestein, “This Must Be Heaven”

The Faintest Ideas, “Procrastination of Every Day Tasks”

The School, “And Suddenly”

George Washington Brown, “End Of The…”