Ovlov is Dead; Long Live Stove

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When Connecticut’s Ovlov first announced their breakup, everyone was sad, but then they took it back, and everyone rejoiced. Now, the tears are flowing once again, because the band have called it quits a second time (and this time, they really mean it).

Alas, not all hope is lost. Ovlov frontman Steve Hartlett has resolved to soldier on by adopting the pseudonym of Stove, his brand new solo project. Below, watch Stove perform a modest acoustic version of “Liverwurst” from the tranquil setting of a horse barn. The episode of “Kspill’s Couch” also features an interview with Stove conducted by Ovlov bassist Boner.

Stove’s debut record, is Stupider, will be produced by Nick Dooley and Dan Francia of Flagland and released later this year on Exploding in Sound Records.

Long Live Stove.