Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy arrested for DUI

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peter murphy

On Saturday, Peter Murphy, goth singer of the defunct English group Bauhaus, was arrested after hitting a woman's Mercedes as he was driving his Subaru Forester in the town of Glendale, CA. Before we get into why Peter Murphy was driving a Subaru, the plot thickens. Murphy allegedly rear-ended the woman's car, then drove off, but not fast enough for her to not get his license plate number. Murphy was apparently followed by several vigilante citizens, one of whom, while driving a pickup truck, blocked off his vehicle and forced him to remain until the police arrived at the scene.

When the police arrived, they determined that Murphy had been drinking, and took him in to the station. There, they discovered that Murphy also had on him a bag of methamphetamines, which he denied belonging to him. The police determined that Murphy was in fact trying to dispose of the drugs in the police vehicle. Murphy did inevitably admit to hitting the woman's car, but his defense being that he was “jet-lagged” and taking medication for depression.

The mystery of why Peter Murphy was driving a Subaru has yet to be solved. In the meantime, check out our photos from Peter Murphy's show at The Well in August, shot by Ester Segretto.