R.I.P. Ponytail

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It's been a relatively long love affair as these met-you-at-a-DIY-show-and-then-kept-in-touch-over-gmail-for-many-years kind of affairs go. We've been patiently mourning the news that Ponytail, the band that formed as a college classroom experiment, has, for lack of a more specific term, broken-up. We heard as much a few months back from members of the band who weren't quite ready to blow the cover. Now it seems they've done that in an email to Bmore Musically Informed:

“The set at Whartscape would probably be the last show in a while. Everybody is off going about their own endeavors, which is really exciting, I think. Ken's writing his own music and Molly is on a journey to find her self and Jeremy drums for the Boredoms now. I think its really good, and if by chance the scattered happens to gather again, it would be another interesting experiment.”

Until then, remember that time Dustin Wong made a t-shirt in Japan as a high school kid and our friend found it in some Long Island thrift store years later and wore it down to a Ponytail show in Baltimore, having no idea that a high school photo of Wong was screenprinted to his very sleeve? Good times.

We'll wait around for the possibility of “another interesting experiment,” but until then, there's no way to really replace the spastic, pure energy they encapsulated, one that pre-dated these later seasons' inundation of bright summery sounds. The Ponytail project will always remain its own unique endeavor, no matter how many future imitators might try on some dolphin yelp-vocals with their kinetically dueling guitar licks and the kind of drumming that legends are made of.

R.I.P. Ponytail. Long live Ponytail!