Rival Schools, “Indesposable Heroes”

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Rival Schools

Following the departure of guitarist Ian Love in 2003, post-hardcore band Rival Schools spent the better part of a year writing new music and demoing songs in various New York City studios. The tracks, still in demo form, would eventually find their way to the internet, the leaked scraps circulating amongst fans in what became known as the Lost Album.

Many of these songs were unnamed, having never quite been finished and were certainly never intended to see the light of day. Now, more than a decade later, the band plans to compile these tracks on an album entitled Found. The record will feature re-mastered versions of eleven of these “lost tracks” including a Buzzcock's cover.

Rival Schools has released one of the found tracks in lieu of the forthcoming album. “Indesposable Heroes” is heavy and slow-paced, a logical follow up to the band's 2001 United By Fate release. Even still, ten years down the road, the music feels rougher around the edges than other Rival Schools' releases, the vocals raw and untamed, backed by high-pitched guitar leads and screeching effects. Listen to “Indesposable Heroes” below and keep an eye out for Found, out April 9 on United By Fate, with pre-orders available through SRC Vinyl.