The Chemical Brothers score Hanna

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Hanna movie

The trailer for Hanna gives off some pretty bad ass vibes with it's Into-The-Wild-meets-James-Bond plot line and throat grabbing score, although I'm skeptical whether or not this will translate well on-screen. Usually when a trailer comes along and pinholes all you're favorite movies in one, it turns out to be a grandiose, overcooked hot pocket.

With Hanna however, I hope to be proven wrong. Producers these days have become suspiciously talented at stripping down movies to the absolutely crucial moments, leaving nothing to be discovered in the film itself. In any case, it has a killer soundtrack with The Chemical Brothers going balls-to-the-wall in “Container Park” without using extreme measures, i.e., a chanting chorus. Check out the trailer here.

Container Park by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie