Crystal Stilts announce date for In Love With Oblivion

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After dropping “Shake the Shackles” last year, it has become apparent that Crystal Stilts will not be fading into obscurity anytime soon. With tighter, more cohesive songwriting, the five-piece from Brooklyn have established themselves as the front runners of new and exciting noise-pop.

Sporting one of the coolest album covers I've seen in recent memory, In Love With Oblivion, to be released April 12 on Slumberland Records, is certain to showcase a band that's mastered their niche. The new single, “Through The Floor” is more fun and danceable than any previous outing, assuring the flexibility of their mood while remaining comfortably within their signature sound.

Crystal Stilts – Through The Floor by Slumberland Records

In Love With Oblivion

01 Sycamore Tree
02 Through the Floor
03 Silver Sun
04 Alien Rivers
05 Half a Moon
06 Flying Into the sun
07 Shake the Shackles
08 Precarious Stair
09 Invisible City
10 Blood Barons
11 Prometheus At Large