The Dodos sign with Polyvinyl, preview a new track with tour footage

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the dodos

It seems likely that the initial hype that swirled around rhythmic two-piece The Dodos has long since dissipated, especially with the mediocre followup release to Visiter being the underwhelming Time to Die. But while everyone was busy forgetting about them, their latest phenomenal record (editorializing), No Color, came out and it threw them immediately back on my—and maybe your?—radar. As if they'd ever really left. The band has now announced two pieces of pertinent information: 1) They have signed with Polyvinyl, which is a switch from their last release being distributed by Frenchkiss and 2) That they have a new record coming out soon, whatever that means. In the video below, you can watch some footage of the band goofing off on tour with backing music that is a preview of the upcoming record.

Color us excited. Or rather, No Color us excited.