These Patterns, “Species”

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Melbourne, Australia is not a place I've had ever had the pleasure of visiting, I've never even made it out of the Northern Hemisphere, but when I think about, it I imagine blond-haired surfer dudes and lots of sun. They celebrate Christmas and New Years during the summer! I imagine the sun does everyone a lot of good, and people are generally happy. These Patterns, a three person band based in Melbourne call their sound post-punk-psych. Their music is atmospheric and dense, and lacks the serotonin I assumed all Aussies were brimming with. They sound more inspired by Sigur Ros, who hail from the land of ice, than anything sunny and light. These Patterns are familiar to the Melbourne live-music scene; they've played all over the city with other Melbourne bands like Night Terrors, Tame Impala side project Allbrook/Avery, and Pets with Pets. But even though they've been going for a while, they just recorded their debut EP. The most striking song, the title track “Species”, starts with a haunting buildup of tribal sounding drums against a fuzzy synth, and concludes with chanting male and female vocals slightly out of step with each other.

Species is available for download now through These Patterns Bandcamp.

Here is an interview with These Patterns where they talk about being a part of their local music scene and how they spread the word about the band: