Throwing Muses to release art book/CD with first music in ten years

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Oh, hello, gorgeous. It's been ten years since the last Throwing Muses release (a self-titled album came out in 2003), and today the thoroughly 90s garage rock band announced that they'd be putting out the first new material since that date this October. Purgatory/Paradise will not be your standard revival band album, though. Instead, thanks to the brilliant genius of Kristin Hersh, it'll be a multimedia CD/book combo with art, writing, and, of course, music from Hersh and her bandmates, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges. Interesting to note is that the book will come out on HarperCollins, the major book publisher, and not with a typical record label. You can stream the first track, “sleepwalking 1”, below, and let a wave of awesome Hershian nostalgia wash over you. Did I mention that this album is 32 tracks?

Purgatory/Paradise can be picked up on November 11 through HarperCollins/It Books. More info as it unravels can be found here, and the deliberately lowercased (so 90s) tracklist can be seen below.


01 smoky hands
02 morning birds 1
03 sleepwalking 2
04 sunray venus
05 cherry candy 1
06 film
07 opiates
08 cherry candy 2
09 freesia
10 curtains 1
11 triangle quanitico
12 morning birds 2
13 lazy eye
14 blurry 1
15 folding fire
16 slippershell
17 bluff
18 blurry 2
19 terra nova
20 walking talking
21 milan
22 curtains 2
23 folding fire 1
24 static
25 clark's nutcracker
26 dripping trees
27 sleepwalking 1
28 smoky hands 2
29 speedbath
30 quick
31 dripping trees 2
32 glass cats