Tone Tank & Scott Thorough, “Holiday Banger” feat. Kool A.D.

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Tone Tank, Scott Thorough, Kool A.D.

It's once again that special time of the year where we're graced with holiday inpired releases from the artists you'd expect the least and will quickly forget until next year. In this instance, Kool A.D., fresh off the disbandment of Das Racist, has teamed up with 80s rap/electro enthusiasts Tone Tank and Scott Thorough for “Holiday Banger”. The song sounds exactly as you'd expect from the title (hollering “You didn't know Christmas went hip hop?” a bunch) and features a lesson from Kool A.D. on the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. Meanwhile, Tone Tank dishes out a “Boyz N the Hood”-style history of Christmas with beatmaker and Chosen People Scott Thorough holding down the Hannukah side of the season's spectrum.

While I could simply point you in the direction on Run DMC's “Christmas in Hollis” and call it a day, instead I'll recommend you enjoy it for what it is, folks. It will pair well with that Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

Tone Tank & Scott Thorough- “Holiday Banger” feat. Kool A.D.