Tropical Popsicle, “Ghost Beacons”

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Tropical Popsicle are probably some of the most sugar addled, acid obsessed freaks we can think of and they have no intentions of stopping their candy colored quest for sound. This time round, they've raised the stakes: on new song “Ghost Beacons” Tropical Popsicle sound like they've ingested two dozen Fruit-Roll Ups. “Ghost Beacons” indeed shines a beacon of flashing neon lights from tender guitar lines and cascading synth plucks. The chugging bass sounds like the musical equivalent to a chocolate cake, while synth squeals recall a lost glam transmission from the distant future. The tension of the song is barely present until a chorus-like release consumes listeners into a Disney roller coaster gone terribly wrong. There's something nearly anthemic about “Ghost Beacons,” as Tropical Popsicle soundtrack a fruity, sweet and succulent themed end of days. Though Tropical Popsicle play gooey, light jams, their songs still sound like they're all having bad trips. Their only way to fight them off? More candy.

Tropical Popsicles' second 7″ “Ghost Beacons / Skulls in the Stars” is out August 31 via Volar Records. You can stream “Ghost Beacons” below.