tumtums, smutmut

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Tumtums, smutmut

Straight outta Denver, Dirty//Clean brings you a collaborative album from labelmates Snubluck and amor, est under the name tumtums. smutmut, like the works of many Colorado tree thuggers, seeks out the apex of bass-heavy electronic music and hip-hop. The result is a slow and glitchy grind, with grime to boot and flowing 8-bit melodies that's less fluid than FlyLo but has the after-hours dance floor vibe of Zomby and Joker.

While that glitch may get a little out of hand on track “auvers”, tumtums hits its stride in hypnotic swerve on songs like “driala” and “scrambled”. I swear there's more than a few sounds sampled from early Super Mario games going on too (i.e. the sound when Mario powers up on “scrambled”) but I'll leave the exact game placement to those wiser to that world.

The download comes via Bandcamp at the hard-to-bargain “name your own price” price so get creative with it. Creativity enhancers are also advised prior to listening but probably best after choosing your price.