Watch a trailer for the new Stone Roses documentary

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In a review of the Stone Roses' first show in America in 18 years—at Coachella, of all places—Guardian writer Tim Jonze laid bare the fact that basically no one showed up. Surprisingly, the crowd at the Stone Roses' American coming-out party had only a fifth of the crowd as the Tegan & Sara set that was happening adjacent. Though that may be an indication of the uninformed nature of the American masses (jury's still out), could it also mean that the world no longer cares about The Stone Roses?

With a long history of rock documentaries behind it, a new effort emerges called The Stone Roses: Made of Stone. Directed by Shane Meadows (This Is England), the doc follows the history of the band, the fallout, and then the eventual pained reunion that ends in what is surely a large payday for each member of the Manchester alt-rock monolith. No disrespect to old dudes, but why exactly do we feel the need to encourage the dramatization of schoolboy squabbles? We know their reunion is only fueled by a massive showing of the Queen's royal gold, right? Get those £££, boys.

If you're so inclined, watch the trailer for the documentary at the Guardian here. Or just watch This Is England instead. A guaranteed better investment.