Weed Hounds return!

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Weed hounds

Since the release of their much loved Beach Bummed EP way back in 2010, Long Island x Brooklyn indiepop shoegaze band Weed Hounds have been kind of a DIY My Bloody Valentine in terms of taking forever to release an album. But their fans have waited patiently, and this week, they have been rewarded as Weed Hounds have released their self-titled album through Kartoga Works. The songs on Weed Hounds do a pretty good job of summarizing the versatile vibes the band is going for: “Harbor” (swirling, sunny tunes, great driving music), “Mystic Cave Zone” (hazy, shadowy shoegaze), and “Swell” (gigantic, crashing). Hopefully an eponymous record means their ready to stick around.

You can stream Weed Hounds below or download it here.