Why Can’t More Festivals Be Like UP YOURS?

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Tired of the oppressively boring cis-male-dominated festival and concert lineups that are shoved down your throat on the regular? Well, for the second year in a row, SUNY Purchase’s is delivering a UP YOURS, single-day fest that is meant to “showcase and promote female/girl artists and bands as well as non binary/gender queer artists and bands.” It’s only about an hour outside of NYC and very much worth the train ride.

UP YOURS 2014 had a mind blowingly awesome lineup that included Aye Nako, Downtown Boys, Nine of Swords, Tomboy, Evil Sword, Parasol, Whatever, Dad, and Jawbreaker Reunion, as well as tabling by For The Birds Collective, The Le Sigh, Boy Tears, and Brooklyn TransCore!

UP YOURS 2015 is offering performances by Barf Troop, Malportado Kids, Amanda X, Wet Brain, Fleabite, Cyberbully Mom Club, Marge, Alice, Mom., and i tried to run away when i was six.  We’ll see you there!