Zombie Zombie, “Illuminations”

Anna Barie

zombie zombie Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde cover

After paying tribute to John Carpenter's scary stylings in 2010 (Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter), Paris-based electronic duo Zombie Zombie return to report that space is again the place.

Multi-instrumentalists Étienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neuman, along with producer-engineer-alchemist Joakim, employ an arsenal of vintage hardware such as analog synthesizers, modular drum machines, groovy sax, rototoms, and bongos to inspire a mesmerizing trip into a new interplanetary consciousness.

On their single “Illuminations”, from the forthcoming album, Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde, they time-shift flawlessly into a kraut-funk galactic jam that Sun Ra would approve.

Zombie Zombie, “Illuminations”

Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde is available worldwide on November 22 via Versatile.

Zombie Zombie are currently on tour in Europe.

Zombie Zombie Autumn Rituels Tour:
05 Oct 2012, FR, Montpellier, Nuits Zebrées Radio Nova / Zénith Club (+I:Cube)
06 Oct 2012, FR, Avignon, Les Passagers du Zinc
07 Oct 2012, FR, Marseille, L'Embobineuse
08 Oct 2012, FR, Nimes, Le 34
09 Oct 2012, SP, Huesca, Matadero
10 Oct 2012, SP, Madrid, Nasti Club
11 Oct 2012, SP, Barcelona, Razzmatazz
12 Oct 2012, FR, Biarritz, Atabal
13 Oct 2012, FR, Poitiers, Confort Moderne
22 Oct 2012, UK, Bristol, Start the Bus
23 Oct 2012, UK, Manchester, Soup Kitchen
24 Oct 2012, UK, London, Lexington + The Oscillation
25 Oct 2012, UK, Brighton, Green Door Store
26 Oct 2012, FR, Reims, La Cartonnerie
27 Oct 2012, FR, Paris, La Boule Noire (Release Party de Rituels. After au Rouge)
13 Nov 2012,DE, Dresden,Ostpol
14 Nov 2012, DE, Leipzig ,Isles Erika
15 Nov 2012, DE, Berlin,Polyhymnia Festival, Festsaal Kreuzberg
16 Nov 2012, FR, Metz, Musiques Volantes / Les Trinitaires
17 Nov 2012, BE, Bruxelles, Mr Wong
18 Nov 2012, LU, Luxemburg, Carré Rotonde
23 Nov 2012, FR, Rouen, Le 106
24 Nov 2012, FR, Tours, Temps Machine (+ Beak>)
30 Nov 2012, FR, Annecy, Le Brise Glace + Projet John Cage avec le Cabaret Contemporain + Etienne Jaumet

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