27th Birthday Jams

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Today is my birthday. Yes, I am writing this quick piece to go along with a playlist I curated for my birthday. This year, I turn 27. So I have chosen to create a playlist that is both spastic and fun – just like myself. There is no thread to hold the tracks together, and it bounces from one genre to the next entirely too quickly. (Seriously, I go Bishop Briggs to Edison to Oak House to Field Mouse to Den-Mate… I’ve even got some special tracks by those who are a part of the 27 Club. It’s all in here.) Let’s just say I didn’t set it for a mood. Save for the mood of a new year, a fresh outlook on life, and all the good people who are out there making tunes and keeping me happy every day of my life.
Cheers, guys. Hope your day is wonderful, and I really hope you enjoy this playlist.