Phoria, "Pushing"

While Brighton-based alternative collective Phoria – comprised of Seryn Burden, Tim Douglas, James Cheeseman, Trewin Howard, and Ed Sanderson – celebrates the euphoric feeling associated with releasing their latest track “Melatonin” (below), we’ve got a playlist they curated just for Impose. Says the band:

Seryn our drummer put this playlist together.  He’s a huge music fan and spends a vast amount of his time exploring new sounds.  He spends time filtering through what he hears and puts together playlists for the rest of the band.  Everyone has their own taste obviously but Seryn always has his ear to the ground for those interesting new and sometimes obscure releases. Here’s a selection of what he’s been pushing our way recently.

Litche- Look Up
Continuous string-like humming is really addictive, this track from Litche is short yet satisfying.
John Talabot – Voices
We’re real suckers for repetitive 7-10mins electronic tracks and this one is right up our street. There is an alternative version of this track called ‘Gerd Janson Version Conga’ which is just as good in our opinion.
Apparat – Candil de la Calle
The German’s can’t go wrong when it comes to electronic music and Apparat is no exception to that rule! Apparat has so many good records under his belt (along with his Moderat output too)….we are fans of his songwriting.
Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi
We absolutely love this track. Four Tet is a favourite of ours, especially his older works. This relatively new album has a couple of bangers on but this one really stood out for us.
Dominik Eulberg – Sansula (Max Cooper’s Lost In Sound Mix)
This track randomly came on a couple of days ago and it perfectly complimented my (Seryn’s) sunny walk down to our studio. It’s great sunny day walking music 🙂
Mark Pritchard, Thom Yorke – Beautiful People
This track is just straight up beautiful and fragile. We love the sound selection on this track. The whole album is really great and to be highly recommended.
Sampha – Blood On Me
This is a fun and funky track. We’re loving the rhythm of this.
The XX – Test Me
We weren’t crazy about their first album and most of Jamie XX’s tracks and remixes. This new song off their latest album feels more mature and interesting to us. Definitely one to see live.
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Flight From The City
Arrival was one of the films that I watched on our flight back from SXSW. The film was okay but the whole soundtrack was amazing and really stood out for me. Of course the composer is Icelandic. If you like Sigur Rós, you’ll love the soundtrack album to this film.
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